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At 611 Metals We Can Handle All Of Your Recycling Needs

611 Metals Provides E-Waste and TV Recycling Solutions

611 Metals has the expertise to handle your computer and e-waste recycling needs. Most of your old electronics have some value.  611 Metals can pick up electronic waste from businesses of all sizes. We want to be your regular service provider.  Hard drive shredding and the shredding of all kinds of electronics and products can be provided for a charge.  We provide of mind that your data or products have been destroyed.

611 Metals offers affordable pick ups for the entire Philadelphia region and beyond.  We have a .65 cent per lb. charge for all TVs and CRT monitors to ensure their proper recycling and processing, LCD monitors are a $7 charge.  We provide services to help off-set your investments in new technologies.

Electronics We Buy

Here is a list of just some of the electronics we buy. If you have any questions or have something not on this list, please call us and we will let you know if we can help you with it.   We can guarantee data destruction if required and that all devices are recycled in accordance with EPA regulations.


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Cell Phones
**TVS are taken for a CHARGE of $0.65 per lb(Per lb charge)**
Circuit Boards
Communication Wire
LCD Monitors ($7 Charge)
**CRT Monitors are taken for a CHARGE of $0.65 per lb**

Wire (all types of insulated wire have value)


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